New App: Allergy Translate


Last month I spent a week in China, mainly Shanghai with a side-trip to Huzhou. One experience in particular imprinted on me and made me start thinking.

On multiple occasions, we dined with friends with food allergies. We attempted to break the language barrier and communicate this to our waiters, but on most occasions, they either did not understand the requirements or brought the wrong food anyway.

This inspired a small app, introducing Allergy Translate, the indispensable companion for travelers who suffer from food allergies. Its small, fast, works entirely offline and allows you to instantly summon a flash card communicating your condition. Perfect for when you are at a restaurant or grocery store.

Currently, the app has support for 33 languages and the main food allergy groups. The plan is to add more over time and as they are requested - just drop me a message.

At the moment I’m experimenting with the pricing and marketing, I’m not really out to make money from this so I’ll be pleased if I can cover the translation costs.

You can download Allergy Translate in the App Store, and the Google Play Store.


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